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7 Meaningful And Beautiful Gifts For Father Or Boyfriend

The truth is, most of us think of buying gifts for men a lot easier than women. However, this is a completely incorrect view. Men are simple, not picky and set too many criteria when receiving gifts, which is no one denied. But choosing a truly meaningful, appropriate and expressive gift is not easy.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you have been confused for a few times to choose what to buy as a gift for your father or boyfriend , the article below will be a guide for you.

Perfume, male aromatic oil

Perfumes are exactly great gifts, especially in the era of civilization and development today. Any modern man, young to middle-aged, is conscious of creating a sensual attraction from the body. Therefore, with gifts of perfume, men will definitely love it. So let’s analyze the pros / cons of this gift.

Any modern man, young to middle-aged, is conscious of creating a sensual attraction from the body.

+ As a gift that can be used everyday, the recipient will remember the person who gave them so easily.
+ A luxurious gift, showing the sophistication of the giver.
+ In the form of expensive gifts, costly.
+ It is difficult to choose the right smell / fragrance for men because each person has different preferences and body odor.
+ The risk of buying fake goods / fake goods is quite high if ordered online.

Fragrances are a form of gift that can be used daily, so the recipient is easy to remember the person who gave them. However, it is difficult to choose the right male scent / fragrance because everyone has different tastes and body odor

The Watch

Watches are also in the top of the gift easy to win the hearts of men. An elegant and luxurious watch will help you easily score points in the eyes of the recipient. When a civilized and modern lifestyle is crowned, a fashion accessory such as a watch is always a wise choice.

Watches divided into groups such as mechanical watches or electronic watches, depending on the age, personality and interests of each person will have different choices. Depending on the age, personality and preferences of each person will have different choices of watches


+ Like perfume, this is a form of gifts that can be used daily, so the recipient will remember the person who gave them.
+ The majority of men prefer watches, so the rate of inappropriate gifts will be significantly reduced.


+ Expensive price, a genuine watch will really make you wonder before withdrawing your wallet.
+ If you do not know the size of your male wrist, it is difficult to choose a watch with a face that fits the wrist.
+ The risk of buying fake goods / fake goods is quite high if ordered online.
After analyzing the pros / cons of a watch gift, do you know what to choose?


That right, when we are in times of uncertainty about what to buy to give so clothing is definitely what appears right away.

However, this is one of the gifts that are difficult to choose because they are too many designs and diverse styles.


+ The cost is not too expensive and easy to change.
+ Can give to any relationship, from close to just acquainted.
The advantage of clothing is that it can be given to any relationship, from intimacy to just getting acquainted


+ Difficult to choose the size and does not match the usual style of dress for men.
+ Because it is so diverse, it is easy to confuse buyers.
However, it will be difficult for you to choose the size and size that does not match your usual dress style

Notebook / pen

This type of gift contains many meanings, not everyone can give.
Most of them will be hobbyists who are reading, writing, or doing things that require a notebook or pen to take notes.
The fact that not every man has the habit of using pens and notebooks, especially in the age of technology, when smartphones and laptops are gradually replacing.


+ If you give the right interests and needs of men, this will be a gift to show your depth and sophistication.
+ Pleasant cost, variety of models to choose from.
+ Easy to carry and use often.
One of the advantages of books and pens is that this is a gift that expresses the depth and sophistication of the giver


+ As mentioned, this is a gift that must not be given to anyone, it depends on their needs and interests.
Note that not all men have the habit of using pens and notebooks

Glasses and Sunglasses

In the old days, the saying, “Every boy will be beautiful if he wears glasses with his face”, and this is not wrong.
Glasses are not only a simple fashion accessory, it is also a “weapon” to help men create more attractive face.
So it can be seen that this is a gift that most men like.


+ The possibility that the recipient will like your gift is very high as analyzed above.
+ Show the class and gout of the giver.
+ Easy to carry and use often.
With glasses gifts will help show the class and gout of the giver


+ Difficult to choose the right glasses for your male face.
+ The brand of glasses with prices are not pleasant, you will have to be quite hesitated if the budget is tight.
However, choosing a suitable glasses for the face of the recipient is a challenge is not easy

Backpacks and Bags

Backpacks or bags are a form of easy-to-buy gifts that do not need to think too much because of the fact that every man needs to buy a bag or backpack when going out.
That said, but this type of gift still has other disadvantages, let’s analyze together.


+ Many diverse models on the market so very easy to choose, especially men are not too picky, so just choose simple models.
+ Easy to carry and use often.
Bags and backpacks are useful fashion accessories that can be carried and used every day


+ There are a lot of fake bags and backpacks on the market.
+ In case the recipient does not have the habit of carrying backpacks or bags when going out, the gift will lose value.
+ Need to know the form (human organs) of the recipient to choose the appropriate backpack and bag size.
You need to know the form (organ) of the recipient to choose the size of backpacks, handbags that match offline

Leather wallet

The wallet (or wallet) is a representative of fortune and money, so giving a wallet to someone has a great meaning.
Not only that, the wallet is also the “face” of modern men, because the personality and class of men are often judged by the wallet they are using.
A mens bifold wallet made of high-quality materials, elegant designs, exquisite designs, perfect will definitely help men to score extremely well in the eyes of the opposite person.
Analyze to see, the importance and meaning behind giving someone a wallet


+ As a form of gift to use every day, extremely high durability.
+ Bringing a big meaning with the desire that fortune always comes to the recipient.
+ Many models should be diverse in options (regular wallet, long wallet, card wallet, zipper wallet, …)
+ Guaranteed for a long time if purchased at major brands.
+ As a luxurious, sophisticated gift, easy to score in the eyes of the giver.
Wallets or leather purses have many models, so they will be diverse in options (regular wallet, long wallet, card wallet, zipper wallet, …)


+ Purses or wallets on the market are many types, there are fake (real leather wallet but recorded as real leather), so be careful when choosing to buy purses.
And CiceroLeather confidently asserts that all of its leather wallet products are REAL LEATHER, 100%  Calf Leather + WARRANTY (CLICK WATCH NOW) (This place can be 100% cowhide calf leather warranty 1 exchange 1 if faulty)

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How To Shrink Leather Gloves

Leather gloves is a product expensive and it will ideally should fit snugly with your hand, but itIf your favorite pair of leather gloves start to feel a bit bigger, don’t rush out to buy a new pair just yet. Instead, try shrinking them down to size at home using water and a few common household products.

Once you have shrunk those leather gloves for a more comfortable fit, simply condition them to make them as soft and supple as a brand new pair. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be sporting shrink your leather gloves in no time.

How To Shrink Leather Gloves
How To Shrink Leather Gloves

Steps to shrink leather gloves

Step 1: Heat a pot of water on the stove until it starts to boil. Remove the water from the heat and allow it to cool for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Dip the gloves in the hot water until they are fully submerged. Take the gloves out of the water and lay them flat on a solid surface.

Step 3: Plug the hair dryer in and go over the gloves with it on the hottest setting. Continue until the gloves are dry.

Step 4: Try the gloves on to see if they are now the right size. Once they fit properly, use mink oil or leather conditioner to soften the leather, since the hot water can leave the gloves somewhat stiff.


Soaking and drying leather gloves will remove some of the leather’s vital oils and nutrients. To help restore elasticity, use a soft cloth to apply a leather conditioner suitable for your gloves’ type of leather. Learn more: How to soften leather

To avoid the need to shrink your gloves, try and buy the right size to start. Many makers now offer half sizes to help customers find the best fit. To determine your glove size, measure in inches the circumference of your palm at the widest point. Do not include the thumb.


Shrinkage results may vary, and you may need to repeat the process a few times.

External heat, like from a hair dryer or radiator, could lead to leather cracking.

Also you can learn more ways to shrink leather gloves here:

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How to Close Your Etsy Account

Etsy is a popular e-commerce website where people can sell their handmade items and other crafts. This article guides you How to Close Your Etsy Account.

How to Close Your Etsy Account

To close your Etsy account:
  • On Etsy.com, click You.
  • Click Account settings.
  • Scroll down to the Close Your Account section.
  • Select a reason for leaving Etsy and add an optional comment.
  • Click Close Account.
Closing your account won’t free up your email address, username, or shop name for re-use on a new account. Learn how to re-use your email address on a new account.
Make sure to leave any reviews for recent orders before closing your account. You can leave reviews by going to your Purchases and reviews.
Learn more about How To Write Review On Etsy
I want to permanently delete my Etsy account
You can permanently delete your Etsy account from your Privacy settings. Scroll down to Permanently close and delete your Etsy account and click Begin the process.
I don’t see the Close Account button
If you don’t see the Close Account button, you may have an amount due on your statement or an open case reported in your shop. As soon as you settle your payment account and/or resolve your open cases, you’ll be able to close your account.

How to open a new account with the same email address

If you plan to open a new account on Etsy with the same email address, you can change the email address on file with your current account before closing it. This way, you can use the email address again on your new account.
To change your email address on file:
  • On Etsy.com, click You.
  • Click Account settings.
  • Scroll down to the Email section.
  • Enter your new email address and your current password.
  • Click Change email.
After you change your email address, you can close your account. Then you can open a new account with your preferred email address.

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How to Close Your Etsy Shop

This article guides you How to Close Your Etsy Shop. Etsy is a community-based e-commerce service that specializes in handmade and vintage products. The service allows users to create an account, create an online shop, and list and sell products that meet the site’s policies. The site also sometimes lists art supply products such as jewelry-making tools, wire, and beads. This article will walk you through the process of closing a shop on Etsy.

How to Close Your Etsy Shop

To close your Etsy shop:
  • On Etsy.com, click the Your Account icon, then click Shop Manager.
  • Click Settings and select Options.
  • Click the Close Shop tab.
  • Click Close Shop. Please answer our short survey before closing your shop.

Go to the Etsy Sign In page and sign in using the email or username and password associated with your account.
Go to the Etsy Sign In page and sign in using the email or username and password associated with your account.
On Etsy.com, click the Your Account icon, then click Shop Manager.
On Etsy.com, click the Your Account icon, then click Shop Manager.
Click Settings and select Options.
Click Settings and select Options.
Click the Close Shop tab.
Click the Close Shop tab.
Click Close Shop. Please answer our short survey before closing your shop.
Click Close Shop. Please answer our short survey before closing your shop.

Once your shop is closed, it may take up to 30 minutes for our system to process your request.
Your Etsy account will become a buyer-only account with no visible shop. You can continue to access your existing orders, and you can reopen your shop at any time.

I don’t see the option to close my shop

If you don’t see the option to close your shop, you’ll need to close any unresolved cases or pay any overdue fees first.

I want to close my shop, but I have open orders

If you have open orders, you can put your shop on Vacation Mode until they’re complete. That way, your shop is still visible to your buyers, but buyers can’t place new orders.
If you close your shop before resolving your open orders, you can still access your orders and communicate with your customers, but your shop won’t be visible to your buyers.

How to close a draft shop

If your shop isn’t open to the public yet, you need to contact Etsy Support to close your shop. Contact us by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking Contact support.
If you’re looking for instructions for closing your account, learn how to close your account.

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Finding a new wallet is no easy task. The choices are endless, and it took time to get your old one just the way you wanted it.However, sometimes there’s no other option, and you need a new wallet.

The top 10 best wallet brands for men in 2020 have some incredible choices, so you’re bound to find something that meets your needs. These are the top wallet brands we’ll be covering in this article.


Fossil is known worldwide for their products. They’re an American company, and their focus is on an updated classic, vintage look, with a modern twist. Their men’s wallets are stylish and affordable. They offer a wide range of designs and functionality, but the most popular are the bifold, trifold, and card case.

The bifold wallets have different functions, but most designs have a number of credit card slots, a clear ID window and a pocket for bills. They’re usually made from 100% leather, so you can always be sure of the durability, and quality.

The trifold wallets have three sections, rather than the two that bifold wallets have. Fossil’s trifold wallets are also made from genuine leather and have a man-made lining material. They have six credit card slots, a clear window ID pocket, and a large pocket for bills. These wallets fold closed and don’t need a snap closure, so it won’t catch as you put in it your pocket.

The card cases are among the most popular of the Fossil wallets. They’re made of genuine leather and have six card slots, as well as a money clip. In some designs, the money clip can be removed.


Calvin Klein is one of the most well-known names in fashion. If you’re looking for an on-trend wallet from a well-known brand, then CK will have one for you. Their most popular designs are bifold wallets made from genuine leather. They have multiple card slots, bill pockets, and some have a coin section, with a fastener, so even your loose change is secure. Calvin Klein wallets are cool, and classic, while remaining on trend, so you always look fashionable. They come in a presentation box and have the Calvin Klein logo embossed into the leather.


In the top luxury mens wallet brands list is Cicero. Obviously! Cicero has been known as one of the best men wallet brands for men ever since with elegantly simple design of a bifold. Brings comfort for users thanks to it silky smooth surface of the best quality leather and details created through very firm and skillful sewing techniques.

Cicero Leather - Best Mens Wallet Brands
Cicero Leather – Best Mens Wallet Brands

Cicero wallets is designed with several compartments including cash pocket for cash holding and driver’s license; 6 other card slots for containing ID, photos and bank cards; and 2 conceal compartments. Cicero wallets is unique compared with other best mens wallets brands in the way that it uses only one piece-leather during its making process. This helps it not leave any stitching on the wall of the cash pocket which brings a completely clean and smooth look for Cicero wallet.


Kenneth Cole wallets are really popular, as they’re long lasting, great value for money, and have an elegant classic style, with a modern flair, that can go from the bar to the boardroom with ease. They offer both bifold, and trifold designs, and both have multiple card slots, bill compartments, and are made from high-quality leather. Most of their designs can be washed by hand, and have an ID window. Some styles have RFID technology, and one design comes with a very practical multi-tool. A few of the wallet style have extra capacity storage, which means more card slots, bigger bill carrying capacity, and hidden pockets. Most designs don’t have a closure system, which does mean that they can’t catch on your pocket, and keeps them slimline and easy to put away. Most of the Kenneth Cole wallets have an embossed logo plaque on the front of the wallet and come with a presentation gift box.


Tumi products are possibly the most durable on the market. Featuring stylish design, and intelligent security measures, these wallets stand out from the crowd. Tumi uses high-quality materials, such as genuine leather, and a durable ballistic nylon, so you know that your wallet will be around for years. Most of their wallets also use their proprietary ID Lock technology, so all your personal information is completely protected. They have a number of designs, including bifold, and card cases, but one of the most interesting is their L-fold wallet. It opens out in an L shape and has six credit card slots, bill pockets, and an ID window. It’s made from their ballistic nylon, with a chic leather trim. The modern style of this wallet makes it an amazing accessory, no matter where you are.


The Magic wallet is stepped away from the traditional wallets of the past. It opens and stores in several ways, each like magic. It’s also been called a flip wallet, and it’s not a new design. Although, today’s wallets have a few more features than the originals. They’re easy to use and have a slim design, so it will fit in your back pocket with ease. As well as the impressive ability it has to flip, and open from either side, it does tend to have a larger storage capacity than a standard wallet. Some designs also have RFID features, so you can keep your personal information safe as well. The trick with this wallet is that when you put your money into it, it ends up behind the secure straps, which is a great way to impress your friends, family, and everyone you meet.


The Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty Designs is aptly named. This wallet has absolutely no stitching. Each one is made from a single sheet of Tyvek. Tyvek is a man-made moisture resistant paper-like material, so each wallet is folded into shape. It’s completely recyclable, eco-friendly, and vegan-friendly. This material is also really durable and long lasting. The Tyvek also means that the overall design is very slim, and not as bulky as some other materials can be.

It has two compartments in the top pocket, as well as credit card and business card slots in the front pocket. They’re available in so many different designs, from a classic leather look to your favorite superheroes and pop culture designs. They also feature designs from guest artists, with limited edition wallets. There’s literally something for everyone.


Guess are another household brand, with a reputation for quality and style. Bifold wallets are one of their best sellers, with multiple card slots, bill pockets, and coin sections. They offer genuine leather wallets, as well as trendy wallets made with combined materials. The Guess logo is usually made from metal and is featured on the front of the wallet.

Another of their bestselling wallets has a more square design. It has five card slots, a coin section, and bill compartments. Like their bifold wallets, these wallets have a masculine, leather design, and some have a retro, rustic look.


Alpine Swiss are newer to the scene than some of the other brands, but they definitely have a flair for style. Their wallets are classically stylish, made from leather, and are incredibly durable. They offer a number of designs, including bifold, trifold, and bifold with a flip up ID window. The flip ID window is removable, and the wallet has seven card slots. Some of the designs have RFID technology which helps keep the data on your credit cards encoded, and safe from hackers. Alpine Swiss wallets are affordable and made from good quality leather, so they not only look good, but they feel good too. They’re durable, and long-lasting, with a rugged construction. Most of their styles feature a small button with their logo on the front of the wallet.


Ezgo has two designs – the original, and the slim. The original comes in a choice of six colors and has a really modern design. It’s lightweight and has no moving parts. It has a card locking system which holds your cards in place and can store up to eight cards. It can also hold 12 to 15 bills and has slots for on standard SD cars, and two micro SD cards. It’s made from a durable, man-made material, which is recyclable. The design of the Ezgo means that it stays slim, even when it’s at its storage capacity.

The slim version is still sleek and modern, but also has RFID technology, and is made from a high-quality leather, and is lined with suede. The slim Ezgo looks a little more elegant, where the original has a very modern, more funky look. It can store up to eight cards, 20 bills, SD cards, keys, and pretty much whatever else you would need to keep in your wallet.


Dockers have repeatedly impressed in the wallet market, with their style, quality, value for money, and functionality. Most designs feature leather construction, slim lines, and durability. Bifold and trifold wallets are the most popular designs, with both offering multiple card slots, and bill compartments. Some styles have RFID technology, which keeps your personal information safe. Dockers also offer an extra capacity style, which has more storage and can maintain a slim look, even when full. Some styles have a separate ID window, which means that you can store your ID and more cards. Their wallets have a classic elegant design, so can be used with both casual, and formal wear.

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Unique Leather Gifts For Him In 2020

Here is a list of unique leather gifts for him that we summed up. You can refer and choose for yourself a unique leather gift for your men.

Handmade Men’s Leather Wallet

Topping is the list of leather gifts for him is a good handmade leather wallet. Everyone knows how popular wallet is especially when it comes to fashion. It may look like any other men’s leather gifts except that It was an indispensable essential item for a man as well as the indispensable handbag next to a woman.

Material: 100% leather exterior and interior
Material: 100% leather exterior and interior

A good wallet made from calf leather, designed by skilled craftsmen, Cicero Leather Wallet is the epitome of a front pocket wallet, handmade leather wallet for men. It’s not terribly expensive either, price is too good for the quality it brings. The wallet measures at 8x11cm when closed. It has 1 cash pocket, 6 card slots, and 2 conceal compartments.

Besides, men’s bifold wallet Cicero is appreciated by many customers thanks to its strong and eye-catching seam. The highlight of the wallet is the hand-sewn seams, showing the feats of the workers.

The highlight of the wallet is the hand-sewn seams, showing the feast of the workers.
The highlight of the wallet is the hand-sewn seams, showing the feast of the workers.

With few decorative patterns, Cicero is elegant with 4 color namely red, blue, green, and black, along with delicate luxurious designs. In particular, you can find Cicero men’s bifold wallets with reasonable prices at adress https://ciceroleather.com/mens-leather-wallets/


Material: 100% leather exterior and interior
Dimensions: 8x11cm.

Men’s Belt

There’s one reason to wear belts be it leather belts and it’s simply to add a touch of formality and, dare we say, elegance, to your outfit.

“Every man needs a black belt and a brown belt and a nice corded woven belt for summer,”

Leather belt complements whatever you wear, be it jeans, slacks, or shorts. It has precise needle edge stitching and is made from hand-burnished leather. The sleek stainless steel roller buckle is great.

Dante Men’s Leather Dress Belt

 Laptop Bag

Samsonite Colombian Laptop Bag

You don’t have to sweat carrying your bulky laptop on some cheap fabric. For the true road warrior of today, you deserve nothing less than the finest quality of genuine cowhide leather put into the Samsonite Colombian Laptop Bag. Designed like a nifty and utilitarian messenger bag, the Colombian features a spacious interior fully capable of holding 15.6-inch laptops plus a whole bunch of documents, folders, and files, making it one of those exceptional men’s leather gifts. The straps won’t weigh you down either as it comes fully padded. If slinging over your shoulder is not your thing, you can always carry it like a briefcase. Our handy guide to the top laptop bags features more great products like this.

Yearning for the perfect men’s leather gifts that can easily be used in more ways than one? How about adding a very unique, vintage, and rustic look in the fray to give you a very one-of-a-kind gear that is sure to be the envy of everyone else in the office? If you believe these are all possible, then you may have to get the KomalC Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Bag. It’s not just a laptop bag, however. It can also serve as a messenger bag, a courier bag, and even a briefcase. But what’s really amazing about it is its very rustic finish.

iPhone Wallet Case

Dreem iPhone Wallet Case

Here’s the thing about the Dreem iPhone Wallet Case: it’s not really made of genuine leather. However, this is clearly not a problem since its design has been specially handcrafted to look like real, genuine, authentic leather. The faux leather materials put into each Fibonacci exudes with luxury that even the serious leather enthusiast will not be able to tell the difference. More than being one of the great men’s leather gifts, however, the Dreem wallet folio comes with amazing RFID protection so you can safely secure your credit cards and other items in its compartments. Plus, it won’t detract from the elegance of your iPhone.

Apple OEM Leather Case

If you have someone who already has the iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, or even the 6S Plus, you might want to consider giving him the Apple OEM Leather Case to help protect his precious device against bumps, scratches, shocks, drops, and other accidents related to butter fingers or otherwise. The great thing about this potentially great leather gift ideas for him is that these are essentially made specifically for the iPhone 6 series of smartphones. These are not your generic leather cases that look and feel cheap. It’s made with european leather and completed with a soft microfiber interior lining for added protection.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Jacket

The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Jacket is one truly astonishing piece of protective garment that can work with formal business attire or even with casual everyday clothing. The genuine smooth lamb leather used in its panels gives it the kind of luxurious feel and look that is characteristic of any authentic Tommy Hilfiger fashion. These pieces of men’s leather gifts from a renowned fashion icon come with four welt pockets, two each on the interior and exterior panels of the jacket. Owing to its leather construction, it should never be machine washed, only dry cleaned to help ensure the longevity of its material. Love this product? Check out our down jackets review for our top picks.

Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford
Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford
Don’t ever go to a formal gathering or even a business meeting wearing your ordinary shoes. For such special occasions, only the best will suffice. And when it comes to formal footwear you can always count on the quality craftsmanship and superb pedal comfort of the Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford. Its plain toe design is just perfect for that formal wear with only its signature side panels and the classic shoelace providing modest yet equally stunning contrast. The Brodie Oxford’s upper is made of smooth leather, pampering your feet with luxurious feel while the footbed is padded for optimum comfort. If you are thinking about leather gifts for men, this should be one of your first choices.

Designed for everyday casual wear, the Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford makes for a fascinating men’s leather gifts primarily for its breathable leather uppers. You clearly won’t expect such a feature on a fine footwear such as the Tilden but it sure does aim for maximum comfort for any type of feet. It’s got a fully synthetic outsole, providing exceptional durability and sturdiness especially when used on terrain that’s neither flat nor smooth. The outsole has also been finely ribbed to give you exceptional grip so you won’t be slipping while doing your thing. The Tilden also has an elastic side gore, ensuring optimum fit. Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to Rockport shoes.

Carhartt Men’s Insulated Work Glove

Carhartt Men’s Insulated Work Glove

Say goodbye to ordinary work gloves that do a mediocre job at keeping your hands toasty warm and protecting them from cuts, abrasions, and other potential injuries while you’re busy at work. Say hello to a splendid leather gift ideas for him that is sure to make your man feel so important. The Carhartt Men’s Insulated Leather Glove is the perfect present for the modern-day handyman and driver who require exceptional thermal insulation for his hands so he’ll retain optimum functionality of his digits. The Carhartt is constructed of an inner polyester lining for comfort fit and an outer genuine leather for superb protection.

Fossil Men’s Stainless Steel Watch
Fossil Men’s Stainless Steel Watch
Wristwatches have always been perennial favorites as splendid gifts to gentlemen with very fine and discriminating tastes in life. Add the exquisite nature of genuine calfskin leather as an elegant watch strap and you get the Fossil Men’s Grant Stainless Steel Watch. The FS4813 features a 44-millimeter stainless steel wristwatch case and a dial window made of high quality mineral. The textured black dial provides a stunning backdrop to its silver-toned Roman numerals complete with sword-themed hands. Three subdials provide additional timekeeping functions to the Fossil Grant. It’s also water-resistant up to 165 feet, although you’re not supposed to immerse it in water. Check out oour essential waterproof watches guide for more great watches like this.

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The 8 Best Women’s Wallets of 2020

We’re all particular about our wallets. And it makes sense because a wallet is something that we’ll be using daily, so it’s important for it to be functional, but also stylish. When you’re choosing a wallet, consider the number of cards you’ll need to carry, the type of material you’d like your wallet to be made of, as well as the amount of security you want it to have. For instance, some of the most popular wallets on the market right now are made with RFID-blocking materials to prevent information from being stolen from your chip credit cards. If you need some help deciding which is right you, keep reading. We’ve got the best women’s wallets to suit every taste.

Best for Overall: Itslife Women’s RFID-Blocking Large Capacity Genuine Leather

Nothing lasts longer than a wallet made from high-quality, genuine leather. How do you know it’s created from the highest quality of leather? Because not only is it soft to the touch, but the original texture of the cattle skin and surface pores are clearly visible. Inside the wallet, you’ll find spacious compartments: 21 card slots, three full-length bill compartments, one snap cash compartment and one zipper pouch. Use this space to hold all your credit cards, your cash, even your smartphone. The wallet is both practical, convenient and beautifully made. The wallet offers 20 different colors to choose from. Colors include coffee, tan, blue, fuschia, black, green, and khaki.

Best Bi-Fold Wallet: Travelambo Women’s RFID-Blocking Bi-Fold Case Wallet

Created from the highest quality materials, this wallet features a timeless design that’s fashionable and trendy at all times. Each wallet is 100 percent handmade. Measuring 7.5” by 4” by 1”, the wallet includes 16 card slots and one ID window for displaying your driver’s license. There’s plenty of room for all the cards you use for payments, business cards, insurance cards, as well as other access cards you need on a daily basis. You can place your smartphone inside the zippered compartment for safe-keeping and easy access. RFID-blocking materials ensure your personal information can’t be transmitted or scanned by nearby hackers. Choose from 26 different colors, including army green, black, blue, gray, and light purple.

Best for Storage: Dante Women RFID-Blocking Real Leather Tri-Fold Wallet

A wallet that’s large enough to hold all your items can be stylish and functional at the same time. The wallet is made of pebbled leather and gives a simple yet sophisticated appearance. Dante’s Women RFID-Blocking Real Leather Trifold Wallet boasts its ability to hold as much as your old wallet. The wallet includes three ID windows for displaying your identification cards, 11 card slots, five cash compartments and one zippered section. Though it’s capable of carrying many of your essentials, it’s small enough to hold in your hand or purse. Crafted with security in mind, the wallet includes RFID-blocking material that will prevent your card information from being scanned by thieves. Pick from a selection of 11 colors, including brown, black, blue, dark pink, gray, red and violet.

Best Designer: Michael Kors Women’s Fulton Carryall Leather Wallet

For the woman who craves a high-quality fashionable wallet crafted by a brand name, the Michael Kors Fulton Carryall Leather Wallet is the choice. Stay organized while looking chic. The design is in the details. The wallet includes a back slit wallet, perfect for keeping coins; a center zip compartment where you can keep your bills flat; and fourteen card slots to give you plenty of room for all your credit and debit cards, insurance cards, business cards and your identification card. The snap fastener allows you to open and close the wallet with ease and gold-tone hardware adds to the elegance and prestige of this wallet. With 24 colors to select from, you won’t have a hard time picking a color wallet that you like. The color selection includes navy, black, cherry, red, plum, misty rose and gray.

Michael Kors Women’s Fulton Carryall Leather Wallet
Michael Kors Women’s Fulton Carryall Leather Wallet

Best Cotton: Vera Bradley Women’s Turn Lock Wallet

For high-style and functionality, the Vera Bradley Turn Lock wallet is perfect. Use the wallet to hold your credit cards, cash and coins, checkbook, as well as your ID. There’s a back zip pocket that you can use to hold smaller items for quick accessibility. The top tab features a twist lock closure – which is how the wallet gets its name. Inside, you’ll find two compartments and slots for six cards. The zip around design allows the wallet to open up completely so you can easily access the items inside. The patterned, quilted canvas wallet comes in a wide selection of colors (over 24). The trouble won’t be finding one you like. The trouble will be finding just one that you like.

Vera Bradley Women’s Turn Lock Wallet
Vera Bradley Women’s Turn Lock Wallet

Best for Compact Storage: YOUNA Women’s RFID-Blocking Leather Card Holder

The YOUNA RFID-Blocking Leather Credit Card Holders is created from high-quality, genuine leather. The wallet is neat and compact but still provides enough space for your essential cards. The wallet includes 11 credit card slots (that can actually hold up to 20 cards if you double up a few), a zipper coin pocket and one ID window. The zipper closure ensures your valuable cards and cash are held safely inside the wallet. And, the wallet was crafted with RFID-blocking materials, which means your card information is safe from would-be hackers. With seven colors to choose from – dark purple, coffee, lavender, light blue, red, rose red, and black – you’ll find at least one solid color that fits your fancy.

Best Tri-Fold Wallet: KAVU Women’s Big Spender Wallet

This tri-fold wallet includes internal slots for keeping your cash and checkbook, your credit cards, ID and even your pen. The snap closure allows you to quickly and easily access your items, as well as secure the wallet for carrying. There’s one external zip pocket you can use to keep coins or other items that you want to get to quickly without opening the wallet. The soft cloth wallet comes in 28 different colors and patterns. Choose one for versatility or purchase more than one and you can swap them out to match your attire or your mood.

Best for Organization: Borgasets RFID-Blocking Women’s Genuine Leather Wallet

The Borgasets Genuine Leather Wallet is a double fold wallet that’s almost like two wallets in one. Made from genuine leather, the wallet includes 18 card slots (a set of nine on each side) and two zip pockets. You can use the zip pockets to store cash, receipts or even your cell phone. RFID-blocking material is sandwiched between the leather outside and the polyester inside, giving you ample protection for the valuable personal and financial information stored on your cards. You can choose from 25 glossy colors such as blue, coffee, gray, green, purple or red.

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